The generic term “aid” covers different realities: advice, accommodation, reductions in charges and taxes, subsidies. They are national, international or local. These are, for example: state aid; aid from local authorities; business creation competitions; banks, etc.

Aid: advice and support: a project leader cannot start alone without help. Conversely, he should not be exempt and waste time looking for the right contacts for the type, level and duration of the help desired and adapted to his needs (long support, accommodation, one-off advice). Among these interlocutors, some are paying and others are free.

X.1. Financial and tax assistance

A project leader can rarely start alone without financial assistance, with the exception of certain service projects. The capital required to start is different from the share capital required to file the articles of association. It is not very easy to get help. To get aid, investors and bankers ask for proof in the business plan.

The state and local communities offer financial aid in different ways in order to promote the creation of activities and jobs.

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