In every society, each individual (or group of individuals) always needs his/her fellows to live harmoniously and achieve their goals. Therefore, he/she absolutely needs to associate. The fact of associating should be part of the desire to pursue a common goal with other people, whether physical or moral. This is the principle of “intuitu personae” which means “depending on the other”. This collaboration must be the raison d’être of the future business, especially when it comes at the time of creation. In this case, the different stakeholders develop the business plan together.  Associating often comes down to sharing decisions and outcomes, whether positive or negative. At launch, exchanging ideas with a Partner Can enhance creativity. Indeed, an association brings together women and men, happy to meet, beyond their differences; happy to forge new social ties, and quite simply to come together united by the same passion; happy to bring the best of themselves, whether it’s practicing a sport, sharing an art, culture, helping the underprivileged, getting out of solitude, protecting the environment, communicating, exchanging, … or quite simply reinventing “living together” in a meaningless society. Partnering for a purpose other than profit is a breath of fresh air in a world where being successful in life is too often confused with being successful in life. Spectators of a world that ignores them many, regardless of their age, find with the association a new lease of life … and sometimes even the humanity they lacked.

In this world where everything seems to escape us, an association – the cement of social cohesion – gives hope to build a different society which is stronger in terms of its differences, more tolerant and united. To create an association is to plant the seeds of a more altruistic, united, and responsible society; the one we will leave to future generations. Because it is an integral part of social life and has its roots in people, the association deserves to be encouraged to find its true dimension in a divided world where everyone aspires to more unity and brotherhood. 

The overall objective of this module is to train dummies on how to create and manage an association. Thus, it is divided into 6 essential parts where each part contains chapters and sub chapters.

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