The term “business” is a word commonly used nowadays especially in World affairs. It is also found in the characterization of many professions (agricultural, industrial, financial enterprise, etc.) and in different forms (private and public enterprises).

The enterprise, being by definition an autonomous economic unit producing goods and services for sale and distributing income, it holds the attention of everyone. Moreover, our contemporary world is dominated by commercial activities.

Faced with the impossibility of fighting against the problem of unemployment definitely, or of ensuring a decent job for all job seekers, the authorities support private initiatives to create jobs and especially self-employment. In practice, each person is called upon to become his/her own employer. So, these are elements that explain why business has really become a subject of interest and attraction.

This support will open doors to people who want to get into the entrepreneurial field in order to become their own boss.


1. Not everyone had the chance to miss out his studies by Olivier Roland

2. The business creation toolbox by Catherine Léger-Jarniou and Georges Kalousis.

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