The association is a space for freedom. The intervention of the administration is therefore reduced to its simplest expression: a declaration. A new association must therefore have a declaration of its existence to be administratively recognized. It should be noted that the declaration indicates the name, object, seat of the non-profit association as well as the names, professions, and residences of those responsible for its administration or direction. In addition, the declaration is made by the president of the constituent general assembly to the municipal administrator where the association has its office. A receipt is issued as soon as the file is complete.

 4.1. The association’s declaration

 Once the statutes are drafted and approved, the difficult part is done. You then have to declare the association. The declaration is therefore an element containing the following points:

 • The title of the association (its name) as well as its acronym if it has one; 

• The purpose of the association;

 • The address of the association’s registered office;

 • The date of the assembly that decided to create the association (if there is a constitutive assembly).

 It should be noted that there is no time limit required to declare your association. But as long as it is not declared and it has not proceeded to the insertion in the official journal, it has no legal personality. If you have a website of your association, it must be mentioned in a declaration.There are also elements to attach to a declaration :

 • A copy of the report of the constituent assembly (if there was a meeting) signed by at least one person in charge of administration and including the name and first name of the signatory; 

• A copy of the statutes dated and signed by at least two of the persons indicated on the list of directors, their names, first names, function in the association being specified; 

• A list of the people in charge of administration with the indication of their names, first names, professions, domiciles and nationalities 

• A list of member associations (of a union or federation of associations).

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